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Tall Timber projects nearly always involve unique wood products and quality attention to building details from start to finish. In addition, Flash often recommends ways to add extra insulation and sealing to focus on maximum energy-efficiency.

Many Tall Timber projects use locally-sourced wood, saving transportation costs and energy, providing local jobs, and ensuring that logging practices are as transparent and sustainable as possible.

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In addition to locally-sourced materials, Tall Timber often uses old beams and re-sawn boards from past buildings, and Flash is known for his willingness to take on complicated and unique ways to reuse old wood, metal, doors, etc.

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When possible, we encourage homeowners to design with maximum energy efficiency in mind, including insulation, solar gain and efficient building design. Flash takes the time to ensure traditional energy drains are avoided and recommends ways to create additional insulation and efficiency options.

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Finally, Flash strives for customer satisfaction in every project, often working with homeowners to create unique and custom finish details, and to translate from imagination to reality in an efficient and perceptive way.

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